Do you want to sell your home in Barrie and the surrounding area quickly?

Right now we actively have members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have been posted to CFB Borden. They come into town on their HHT (House Hunting Trip) and have only seven (7) days to buy their home. If they don’t buy the home during their HHT it then comes up to their agent to choose their home for them. 
If you want to sell your home quickly then make it easily available during posting season. The members of the armed forces who are moving have to move. They can’t wait until the next cycle of the market to see if there is a home that is a better fit for them. People who live locally can sometimes wait until the fall if they home they like isn’t there. Those who have been posted to CFB Borden have their HHT to buy the house and a date they have to live there by. 
With that being said, they have options. Most members of the military do not have family in the area so they are not beholden to one specific place. While they most often buy a home in Angus, they sometimes go anywhere from Wasaga Beach over to Barrie.
Given the nature of the speed that they move through the process they often do not want to to do a lot of work to the home. You have to do make sure your home is as close to move-in ready as possible. The more you work you do making sure all the little things are fixed, the paint is neutral, and the landscaping is well maintained then you can attract a military buyer.
If you want a quick and easy sale then a military buyer can often be the best possible buyer. They don’t have time for games and they move quickly. If you want to sell to them, keep the home ready to move in quality and don’t mess around. If they don’t think you’ll act quickly enough they’ll move on to the next home without a second thought.