Now that posting season is in full swing for members of the Canadian Armed Forces its time for many to get on the move. This means that many who live in and around CFB Borden are now going to other bases in Canada and to sell their home.
Are you one of the members of the armed forces who now have to move? If so, you have to figure out a few things. First, you need to start the process of getting your home ready for sale. That may mean just doing some tidying and minor staging or could mean doing a lot more. It depends entirely on the condition of your home. 
So call a local real estate agent who can help you get your home ready for sale and then actually sell it. Do not be afraid to interview more than one agent either. Find someone that you think you can trust. One who will have your back. It’s also not a bad idea to get hire a IRP/DND Approved Real Estate Agent either. We have connections all across Canada so when you’re booking your House Hunting Trip we can refer you to someone there. That way you can better coordinate both the buying and selling process and be sure the agents you’ve hired know your situation and how to help.
I’ve helped many members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have been posted to or out of CFB Borden. Its a unique situation that you definitely want someone who has been through the process before to help you. When you are interviewing potential REALTORS be sure to ask them about their experience with members of the military. 
We wrote a guide to help people who have been posted to CFB Borden and what to expect. Even though its meant for CFB Borden it actually helps for any base in Canada. If you’d like a copy then just click the button below and you can get a copy of the guide. 

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