De-cluttering-Your-EntranceClutter is a major problem for many homeowners, especially if you’ve got more than two people living in the house. While paring down your possessions can be an excellent first step, having a clutter-free space isn’t always about simply getting rid of stuff. For many areas, especially shared spaces like your front hall closet and entrance, the real key is in proper organization.
Organizing these tight spaces doesn’t always come naturally, and in many cases, a little forethought goes a long way since every home is unique. There are some tips to guide you through the process though.
Keep reading to learn more about how to create a clutter-free front hall closet and entrance space for your family and guests.
Clear Everything Out First
Before you can really tackle a front hall closet and entrance area, you need to take the time to remove everything from the space. Doing this will make it easier to sort your belongings and organize them properly. It will also allow you to clean the space itself so you can really start fresh.
You’ll be a whole lot more likely to keep your closet and entrance area organized if you start with a sparkling clean space from the beginning.
Get Rid of What You Don’t Use
As you begin to remove items from the closet, you’ll likely find things you didn’t even remember you had. This is normal, but if you’re not using something, it might be time to donate, sell, or toss it for good.
To make this process simpler, use cardboard boxes or storage bins where you can put items for a specific purpose – like a donation box – as you go. That will mean less items to organize once you’re ready to put everything bag.
Get Serious with Organization
Shoes, coats, Christmas décor and a whole host of other things tend to live in hall closets. In your entrance area, it’s easy to feel like you’re under attack from all of the grocery bags, snow shoes, tennis shoes and seasonal items of clothing.
Start by adding a shoe rack, quality hangers and a reasonable number of hooks to your closet. This will give you a way to put items in a particular place all of the time. The fact is that if you give an item a home, you’ll be a lot more likely to put it there when the time comes.
For entrance spaces, consider closed storage like a bench with ample storage under the seat. Hooks, coat racks and even wall-mounted cabinets with doors allow you to store those essential items like hats and gloves that can otherwise feel impossible to organize.
Getting your front hall closet and entrance area organized can feel like an overwhelming task, but broken down into small steps, it’s something anyone can handle. Use these tips to get rid of what you don’t need and properly store the items that are essential to you and your family at least part of the year.