craft breweries in barrieIf you consider yourself somewhat of a beer enthusiast, then there are a number of craft beer breweries around town that you should make a point to visit. The following are some of our favourite local craft beer breweries:

  • Barnstormer Brewing & DistilleryBarnstormer Brewing & Distillery started off as a modest operation out of a storage unit. These days, they produce enough beer each year to satisfy the beer needs of every person in Barrie. They use a natural and sustainable process to brew their beer, and they take great pride in the fact that they do not pasteurize their beer or use preservatives. Some of their popular offerings include the Flight Delay IPA and the 400 Blonde Ale. You can enjoy their beer while dining at their restaurant as well as take a part in their regular brewery tours and tastings.
  • Redline Brewhouse – The Redline Brewhouse combines American and Belgian beer brewing traditions using ingredients that they source from close to Barrie as well as from all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia and Europe. You can sign up for a tour of their impressive brewery on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and you can enjoy one of their many beers at their pub-style restaurant. Some of their popular go-to craft beers include the Redline Brewhouse Golden Ale, the Clutch American Pale Ale and the Check Engine American Amber. Besides being a great spot to grab dinner and a delicious beer, the Redline Brewhouse also hosts events on a regular basis, including Wednesday Movie Nights and special Tailgate Parties for various sports events.
  • Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery is unique in that they pride themselves on being weird. In fact, their mandate is to “Brew Fearlessly.” They’re located on the waterfront in downtown Barrie and have been one of the most popular breweries in the area since they opened up in 2004. The owners all started as home brewers and they put the quality of their beer before everything else. Their dedication to not following convention is put on full display by their colorful beer labels and names. Some of their craft beers include the Netherworld Cascadian Dark Ale, the 12 Minutes to Destiny Hibiscus Pale Lager and the Cadillac Graveyard Oatmeal Stout. Visit their tap room to try some of these popular choices or one of their seasonals. You can also take a tour of their brewery on any day of the week.

You’ll find no shortage of high-quality, unique, locally brewed craft beer here in Barrie, make sure to try to visit these 2 breweries.