It’s that time of the year! Bug season! And I don’t know about you but there nothing peskier then dealing with little critters. But how does one get rid of them? With the environmental-focus these days, there’s a push to go chemical-free when controlling garden garden pests. A few ways to get started:

  • Use plans to attract beneficial insects such as mini-wasps, nematodes, and ladybugs that attack pests. Or, build a bat box or birdhouse to attract larger pest-eaters.
  • Mix a spray with strong odours (garlic or pepper). Oils like neem or citrus work as well. Or try soaps that repel insects. Apply the spray directly ti the plants or soil. There are plenty of recipes online Click Here
  • For controlling snails and slugs, place a dish of beer in the garden. They love to drink and will stay at the “bar.”

As with conventional pesticides, natural pest control products have the potential to effect beneficial insects as well as pets, so “use with caution” of your surrounding.