There are certain rules worth following while hosting an open house. These rules are in place to create a peaceful and productive environment. An environment in which potential buyers can examine the house and decide whether they want it or not.

One such open house rule pertains to pets. A question often asked by first time hosts is whether their pets can stay during the open house. There is no hard and fast rule for this situations. Sellers are generally discouraged from having their pets around during the open house. 

Here’s why:

 1. Distraction

The focus of the open house should be the house. That is what you are trying to sell to the buyer, and that is what they must be paying attention to. If they see a dog running through rooms or even barking from its crate, it will distract from the house itself.

2. Allergies

Some people can have allergies to certain types of pets. It’s impossible to vet all prospective buyers before to determine which might be allergic. It is better to err on the side of caution and remove animals from the picture during showings and open houses.  


3. Accidents

The purpose of an open house is to attract large numbers of strangers to your house. Few pets respond well to groups of strangers traipsing through their homes. Some animals might respond to such an invasion in a hostile manner. This could lead to accidents such as the animal biting, scratching or harming someone. That’s something nobody wants to see!

Alternatives Arrangements for Pets during the Open House 

For these reasons, it’s better to leave your pets with friends or family during the open house. You can also take them for a long walk or a trip to a dog park. Be sure to clean out the kennel, cage, or litter box. Make sure there are no strange animal smells or droppings either. These can make the visitors feel nervous towards the thought of buying the house. 

Remember, selling a house is difficult enough on its own. You want to avoid making the sales process any more complicated than it already is. To ensure a smooth open house, leave your pets out of the picture. Let the buyers focus on the house and not your animals.