a guide to barrie's medical facilities
Barrie has a population of approximately 150,000 people. As such, ample medical facilities are an important part of the community.
The city of Barrie has a variety of medical facilities, which offer different types of services to residents. Some offer emergency care, while others handle walk-ins and after-hour appointments. Knowing where you can turn to when you have a medical issue or emergency is important.
Use this guide to learn more about Barrie’s medical facilities.
Barrie Family Medicine Clinic
Located at 121 Wellington Street, Barrie Family Medicine Clinic is a mainstay in the town. This facility treats walk-in patients seven days per week, including holidays.
Barrie Family Medicine Clinic offers a wide variety of different programs. Some examples are; mental health, bone health problems, diabetes, nutrition, breastfeeding, and smoking addiction programs.
The Barrie Family Medicine Clinic has three other locations in Barrie. This makes getting help when you need it convenient and easy.
Royal Victoria Regional Health Center
Royal Victoria Regional Health Center welcomes patients dealing with almost any illness. With a 24/7 emergency room, it is where you will want to go should you find yourself in need of urgent medical care.
The Royal Victoria Regional Health Center is also home to many different patient care programs. Intensive care programs, mental health and addiction assistance, stroke and cardiovascular recovery are just a few that are offered. Lab work, imaging and much more are also commonly done at Royal Victoria Regional Health Center.
Huronia Urgent Care Clinic
Huronia Urgent Care Clinic is designed as a walk-in facility. Patients can get treatment on the spot for issues and health problems they may be having. Vaccines, casting, sutures, exams for driver’s licenses, travel consultation and wart treatments are popular services offered here.
Huronia Urgent Care Clinic also provides X-ray and X-ray review services on the spot for walk-ins.
Like most people, you probably hope that you rarely fall ill. Sometimes though you need to turn to the professionals when it comes to medical care. In Barrie, you’ve got choices that will fit your needs around the clock.
Know the clinics in your neighbourhood in case anything goes wrong. When an accident occurs or you find yourself or a family member sick, time is of the essence.