In the Barrie real estate market, there is a great deal of talk about the benefits of moving to the area from the GTA. But what about the actual Barrie vs Toronto cost of living? Is it really that much different? I decided to take a look at some of the standard costs that affect many people to see just what differences existed when comparing the cost of living in Barrie vs Toronto.

 The average low-end meal at a restaurant in Toronto will run you about $15.00. In Barrie, that same meal will cost approximately $11.50. That works out to a 23.33% cost savings in Barrie vs Toronto. A mid-range meal for 2 (3 courses) will cost approximately $70.00 in Toronto, compared to $55.00 in Barrie. That works out to a 21.43% savings.

 If you were needing to take city transit, the cost of a monthly pas in the GTA is $140.00. In Barrie, a monthly pass will run you $84.00, or 40% less.

 When looking at rental costs, a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre will set you back an average of $1480.16 in Toronto. That same 1-bedroom apartment in downtown Barrie goes for $995.83 (a savings of 32.72%). If you were looking at a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre, the prices in Toronto and Barrie are $1747.50 and $1429.17, respectively. That works out to a 37.57% savings in Barrie vs Toronto.

 Should you decide to buy an apartment or condo, one located in downtown Barrie would be 52.04% less expensive than a similar unit in downtown Toronto.

 Not all expenses are cheaper in Barrie vs Toronto, though. One thing to keep in mind is in the cost of utilities. On average, Barrie basic utilities (electricity, heat, water, garbage) will run you 36.34% higher in Barrie vs Toronto. This can be mostly attributed to the colder winter temperatures in the slightly more northern Barrie area.

 When weighing the cost differences in Barrie vs Toronto, there are several things to consider. These are a few interesting examples to start you thinking.