Let’s have a quick chat about our home decor. After spending so much time at home, a lot of people are re-imagining their space. From layouts to functionality, the space they once knew is not the same space they are imagining for the future. And really, can we blame them? But re-designing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Yes, you can absolutely dive into that bathroom reno you have been putting off for like, 5 years! After all, who wouldn’t want their own spa retreat at home! But you can also achieve the feel you’re going for by simply moving around furniture or adding some new functional accent pieces! The trick is to keep your end goal top of mind.


When re-designing with the goal of creating an aspirational lifestyle feeling the focus of the new look is to optimally showcase the property in such a way that flaws are minimized, and assets are highlighted with a feeling of luxury. Each individual area is planned to facilitate movement, furnishings, and storage to enhance the spatial experience. Concept bedrooms can be created to mimic the “away from home” experience. Bathrooms with luxurious showers and tranquil tubs can transport you to a day at the spa. Entrance areas can be expanded to convey a “grander” impression. It’s all about bringing the feeling of extravagance into what may have once been an ordinary space.

So dive right into the world of Pinterest and start creating those mood boards! Before you know it, your old frumpy feeling space will be transformed into a Intstagramable masterpiece.