With Spring around the corner, you can now begin working on different tasks around the house. The following are seven simple cleaning tips for when you begin your Spring clean.
Clean out your gutters. With rain much heavier during the spring season, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are clean. Remove all dirt and debris that may have gathered during the winter.  This will ensure rainwater is properly displaced away from your home. Thereby avoiding leaks and potential flooding.
Clean your windows. If you experienced a lot of snow, rain and wind this winter, then your windowpanes probably need a good cleaning. Use a rag with soapy water to clean the glass and a different rag to dry it. If you have access to a squeegee, it will be much easier to clean your windows.
Air out your home. You probably spent all winter with the heat on and all of your windows and doors closed. Because of this, your indoor air is probably quite a bit stale. Once temperatures begin to rise, open up your windows in order to let the stale air out and fresh air cycle in.
Replace your filters. You should be sure to check your air filters and either clean or replace them. Especially considering how often you likely used your heating system this winter.
Clean your ceiling fans. Some people use their ceiling fans during the winter as a way to spread heat throughout their homes. However, most leave their ceiling fans unused. If this is the case for you, then there’s a good chance a thick layer of dust has built up on your ceiling fan blades. Go through your home and wipe down your ceiling fans. When you begin using them again, you won’t be spreading dust throughout your home. When you wipe down your ceiling fans, do so before you vacuum so that you can vacuum up any fallen dust.
Dust your light fixtures. Light fixtures are also often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning the home. Ensure that you clean the layer of dust that has most likely collected on all of your light fixtures. You may want to take this time to replace some of your light bulbs as well.
Check your sump pump. Test your sump pump to make sure it’s in working order. You’ll want to make sure that your sump pump prevents any potential flooding during the rainy months.
Be sure to add these seven tasks to your spring-cleaning checklist.