When you’re buying a home in Barrie you are going to be seeing a lot of homes. Very rarely do people buy the first house that they see. It would certainly make part of my job a lot easier but very rarely does the first house offer everything a client wants. So if you are going to be searching for a home in Barrie for sale then you should start preparing to see a lot of them. When you do see a lot of homes its important to do it methodically. You are looking for your home, you are not just visiting, have a plan and stick to it. So let’s take a look at 3 tips when viewing homes for sale in Barrie.
Take Notes
If you were only seeing one or two homes for sale you could remember everything about them. This wouldn’t be an issue at all. However, more than likely you are going to see between 5-10 homes, and possibly more than that. The more you see the more these homes you are considering buying become lumped together. Perhaps that house for sale in Barrie is going to get confused with that house for sale you saw in Angus. Or was it Innisfil?
So as you are going through homes write down what you like and dislike about the home. Which of your checkboxes for what you need and want in a home does it check off? What makes the home different than other homes? The more notes you take the better. This is important to do as you are not actually allowed to take photos of home for sale. You can rely on the pictures provided but you can’t take your own. So take copious notes so that when you are looking over them later you know which was which.
Watch What you Say
Your agent has booked a private showing of a property. You walk into the home and immediately you fall in love. You start talking about all the different parts of the home you love, where you’ll put furniture, and that you want to make an offer right away. You start discussing how much of the asking price you’d be willing to pay for it and all the other details of a potential offer. Now you put an offer in lower than what you are willing to go up to so you can start negotiating.
The sellers won’t budget, they say you can pay more for the home. They say if you love the home so much you’ll pay more for it. Well how could they know that? Guess what, some people will install video cameras in their home. They use it to safeguard against theft but it does have some unintended benefits as well. They may be listening to what you’re saying.
So next time you are walking through a home you are considering buying then pretend the sellers or their agent are walking through with you. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to them in person. This includes what price you are willing to pay for the house or anything else that could be used against you in negotiations.
One other great thing to do when looking to buy a home is to revisit it, especially if you were going all over Barrie looking at different homes for sale. It’s important to go take a second look. Change the time of the day you are looking at the home too. Maybe the lighting is different, maybe there is traffic noise at a different time of day, or something else you are not anticipating. Maybe you just won’t love it as much the second time through. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, buyers go through a home for sale on the market, love it, and then go back a second time the next day or a few days later and realize its not for them.
You are going to be spending the majority of your time in this house. It’s where you cook your meals, go to sleep, potentially raise your family, it’s worth giving it a second walk through. If you have the time I always recommend walking through a second time.
Buying a home can be stressful and many people have trouble deciding which one is the right one for them. So take a walk through homes, take notes and narrow it down to the right home. Then go see it again, ideally at a different time of day. This may not always be possible if other people are putting in offers but if you have the opportunity you should go a second time. Don’t forget though, watch what you say, the sellers may be watching or listening.