Do you find getting your home ready for sale to be stressful? You’re not alone, its actually one of the top mentioned issues people have when selling their home. Especially when you hear of people who spend thousands renovating their home to try and sell it. Not everybody is in a position to be able to do that. Whether its financial or otherwise. 
Here are 3 simple ways to get your home ready for sale without spending a fortune.
Paint is relatively cheap, especially if you do it yourself. Grab a few cans of paint, and paint your home in neutral colours. You may love that red or green room but when selling its best to go neutral. As easy as it is to change paint colours, many buyers still have issues looking past that. 
While you’re painting be sure to touch up all the trim. Go around the baseboards, doors, and windows and give them a fresh coat. It will make the place look a lot better. Ask agents around the business long enough and many will have stories of a home with unique paint choices that didn’t sell. Then they took it off the market, painted it neutral, and then sold quickly for same price or more that it didn’t sell before. 
Remove a lot of the family photos and little things that identify who you are. Potential home buyers coming through want to picture themselves in the home. If the home has too much of your personality they’ll feel more like they are in your home and not their future home.
You want potential buyers coming through imagining living there. If they don’t then its less likely they form the emotional connection to the home they’d need to put an offer in. Except in some situations, like with military buyers for example, people rarely buy without an emotional connection. This doesn’t have to cost you any money. At the least just go to a home decor store and buy some inexpensive pieces of artwork to put up. 
Nothing turns people off more than a dirty home. If you can’t keep your home clean while you’re selling it puts doubt into the minds of the buyer about how well you maintained the home. Its an early warning sign that the house will probably have issues because you probably didn’t take care of them. Besides the cleaning supplies, if you do it yourself its a very inexpensive way to keep your home ready for sale. You can always spend a couple hundred dollars and hire professional cleaners but its not needed.
Getting your home ready for sale doesn’t have to be stressful. For the right price there is always a buyer. Always. However, if you want to get the most for your home then we at least recommend a little paint, depersonalizing your home, and giving it a thorough clean!