Let’s begin by saying that neither you nor a lender want to get you into a home you can’t afford. That’s not a future you want. But sometimes, a difficult past is standing in the way of a bright future. Bad credit can do that to you. If you’re running into roadblocks or don’t think you can get mortgage financing, I have three reasons why your new home may be possible:

I skip the banks and have partnerships with private lenders and financial institutions that specialize in bad credit mortgages. They will consider your application even after a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, and will look at your overall situation and entire credit history.

The number of investors willing to invest in credit challenged mortgages is growing as they search for higher yields than what is available in today’s low interest rate environment. With more capital available, my lenders are improving their mortgage offerings for credit challenged customers.

I have both simple quick tricks and sensible long-term strategies that can boost your credit rating quickly to help you qualify for a mortgage now… and can get you access to the best rates later.
If your past is standing in the way of your future, get in touch today.

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