When you go to sell your home there is a lot to do. The list can seem endless. From de-cluttering to cleaning to updating old fixtures. Some things can easily go overlooked, even if you are given a list of everything to do. It’s easy to have happen. So what are some of the commonly overlooked things that we find people do when they sell their home?
Find the Paperwork
Gathering all the paperwork you need when selling your home is important. It helps you get all the information together that a prospective buyer will need. So find a copy of your utility bills. A very common question from a prospective buyer is what do the current owners spend on their utility bill. That will help them budget for when they move in. You should also find your property tax bill, receipts from any major renovations you have done, and a copy of your survey.
Not that you have to disclose it but its good to also gather any paperwork you have about your mortgage too. While you’re doing that you should also find any lease agreements you have if you rent out part of your home. 
Get everything together and your real estate agent will help you sort it out.
Make an Extra Set of Keys
When you’re selling your home in Barrie we attach a lockbox to your home and when agents representing buyers want to show it they can use the lockbox. So you need to make a copy of your key made so that you can put it in the lockbox.
So get a copy made of your key so that it can be put inside. Don’t plan on just putting your regular key into the lockbox and using that to open the door. All it takes is forgetting to put it back once and you can then have a potential buyer miss an appointment. Always make it an extra key that only has the one specific use.
Your Real Estate Agent Needs Time
If you call a real estate agent and tell them you want to list your home tomorrow they can do it. However, its not going to be done to the best quality. It’s not enough time to have professional photos taken and to create all the marketing pieces that go with it. 
Ideally you should give the agent you plan on hiring at least two or three weeks to get everything prepared and ready to showcase your home the right way. To do less means you are rushing it. If you plan on interviewing several agents to sell your home then add an extra week to that timeframe to give them all time to come in.
There you have it. Three of the more overlooked tips for selling your home. A lot more goes into the process and your agent will help you with that!