When you’re selling your home you can get a lot of tips on what to do. Just do a simple google search and you’ll find plenty! So instead of doing a generic post about “Price Your Home Right” or “Hire an Expert”, I thought I’d go another route and write about some of the less common but important tips for when you’re selling your home.
Tip #1: Don’t Be Present
This is a mistake that a lot of people make. They think that if they are present when people are viewing their home they can help close the sale because they are there to answer any questions they might have. Who else knows the home as well as the owner too? It’s a win-win for everyone that the owners are going to stay, right? Wrong.
When the owners are present during the showing it can make the buyer feel uncomfortable. They aren’t able to speak freely because they don’t want to offend you. They feel like they should just rush through the property. I’ve had buyers who have seen that the owner was home and didn’t even go inside. 
Besides the fact you are making it harder for the buyer to like the property, you may even say something without realizing it that could hurt you. If a seller is home they are going to talk, and usually about the home and their plans. Even saying something as simple as “We are moving to Hamilton because my husband got transferred, we just bought a beautiful home there” gives away too much. Now the potential buyer and their agent knows you are going to have to accept an offer soon because you’ve already bought and have to move there soon. You’ve lost some leverage in the negotiations. 
So the most simple solution; don’t be present. Don’t show up to any showings. If you come home early and people are viewing your home, wait outside. 
Tip #2: No Fish!
The No Fish rule is a big one. Don’t cook any fish in your home while selling no matter how much you like it. It leaves a lingering odour and any lingering odours are not good when trying to sell your home. Just because you might like fish others may hate it. Even if the home is nice they’ll remember that smell. If you absolutely have to have fish then cook it and eat it in your backyard or for the time your home is on the market go out to a restaurant to satisfy your fish cravings.
The No Fish rule when selling your home really just means that you shouldn’t cook any food with a strong odour. Even something as simple as toast isn’t a great idea. Even slightly burning it can leave that smell in the air. So avoid any food at all when selling your home. 
A lot of first impressions are not just visual, smells play a large role so don’t cook fish!
Tip #3: Remove Valuables
This is just a safety tip. While no one is allowed into your home unsupervised, small valuables like Jewellery can easily be put into someones pocket without being seen. If they tried walking off with a TV it would be a lot harder to go unseen but little things like a diamond necklace could easily be taken without someone noticing.
So put away your valuables somewhere like a safe or even bring them to a friends or family members house while your home is on the market. While the odds don’t favour anyone stealing from you its always a possibility so its better to take the necessary precautions
There you have it. Three less common but still important tips when you are going to be selling your home in Barrie and the surrounding area. 
If you have any other “less common” tips you want to share leave them in the comments below!